Letter to our Clients

Kohle Calibration was born of necessity. We were made aware of the options available in Lloydminster when it came to mechanical torque wrench calibration. The shipping costs and turn around times to have tools sent out of the city were an unpleasant part of the calibration process, creating extra down-time and costs. 

That's where we saw an opportunity to provide value to the businesses in the area. We purchased a NIST traceable digital NORBAR calibration unit and set up shop right in the Lloydminster area. 

We can now offer local businesses mechanical torque wrench calibration and repairs all at industry best pricing and turnaround times. Providing real value by lowering clients costs and downtime. 

We aim to effectively make our client's business stronger and more efficient than ever before. As a bonus we also provide free tool pickup and delivery. 

Able to certify all makes and models, why would you choose any other mechanical torque wrench certification business? If you have any reason, please let us know and we will address it promptly.


Justin Kohle


Provide local businesses with a torque wrench calibration service that improves their overall efficiency, quality of service and bottom line. 


Continually provide torque wrench calibration documentation generated on properly maintained and calibrated equipment. This will be done by making sure our technicians are properly trained and our equipment is continually upgraded to maintain NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification.


Torque wrenches are used in a full range of industries, including oil/gas, agriculture, aviation, automotive and industrial. Regular testing and routine calibration is required for these valuable tools that support critical processes from changing tires to flange installations. At Kohle Calibration, we stand on more than twenty-five combined years of specialized inspection experience as we calibrate torque wrenches with the attention to detail and precision they demand. 

A properly calibrated wrench will accurately measure torque, which allows a fastener to be tightened with the right tension, preventing joint connection failures. Our torque wrench calibration services keep high-functioning tools in your hands for precision you can trust.

Torque wrenches are generally built to maintain tolerances for 5,000 or more cycles, however, challenging conditions or constant use can affect this standard. Rely on our comprehensive expertise, and industry leading calibration equipment, to address the effects of wear, improper handling and exposure. We can confirm operational values conform to manufacturer specifications and accuracy ratings, while evaluating the tool for defective parts.  We offer full-service torque wrench calibrations for Cam, Click, Digital/Electric and Electromechanical.